The COLOSI jewelery was founded in 1960 in Cetraro (CS) by Santo COLOSI, a talented watchmaker of the time who was able to transfer his passion as well as the competence and also good taste for the beautiful to his daughter Lucrezia, current owner of the business.
In the COLOSI jewelery, Lucrezia's Lucia and Filippo brothers collaborated with great diligence. The activity extends in 1965 to Paola (CS) in Corso Roma 23 and it is precisely then that, to Lucrezia's professionalism and passion, is added that of Massimo Pavone, his consort, an expert watchmaker and a tireless volcano of ideas and energy ... !!

In 1972 it was decided to devote more attention to the Pauline jewelery headquarters, sacrificing the Cetraro headquarters with its closure.
In 2005 the continuous requests of the market of novelties, push Lucrezia, who in the meantime is supported in the management of the jewelry by the sons Maurizio and Marco, to undertake a new commercial adventure: this is how the Swarovski Crystal Boutique is born.
. . . jewelers for passion,
always the slogan of our commercial adventure, perhaps summarizes better than anything else, our "wanting to do", with great enthusiasm, our usual work with traditional correctness and experience.
If you want to discover objects, gift ideas, unique preciousness visit our stores, we will be happy to welcome you with great hospitality.
We wanted to tell you the story of our business, not so much to celebrate our work, but to take the opportunity to thank all the customers and friends who have lived with us the good moments of the past and present and who may want to reserve us a place, maybe a particular one, in their heart ... !!

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